Safe Sets™️ COVID-19 (Level A) Certificate

This program is designed to communicate the most current health and safety information relevant to our community of filmmakers, producers, crew, and industry professionals. The materials in these guidelines have been reviewed by medical experts and sourced using reputable, science-driven resources. 

You’ll receive a Safe Sets™ COVID-19 Certificate when you complete the course. The certificate demonstrates to your team that you’re knowledgeable about upholding a safe production environment and that you value crew’s health and safety.

all rules and guidance from municipal, provincial/state, and federal government bodies must be followed.

Pixel Mapulator

  • Projects are structured as follows. Project contain Screens, Outpus and Processors. Processors are determined by screen settings. Processors are arranged differently depending on-screen view vs output view.
  • Custom tiles, processors and outputs are turned off at the moment. Please stick to what is in the dropdowns.
  • Things are geared towards working for someone with little to no knowledge of an LED system, with increasing levels of complexity available to advanced users if they please. This may make it seem like you don’t have as much customization options as in the past.
  • The processors in the library have predefined width, height, and pixel limits. These aren’t user-editable at the moment
  • Outputs are automatically built by grouping processors together efficiently, regardless of what screen a processor belongs to.
  • Try adding a few screens, and changing each one’s colors to see how they are being broken up into outputs
  • A lot of screen-wide overlays are broken in the output view. This is being worked on.
  • Remove screen button coming shortly
  • Offsets are basically disabled at the moment as all offsets of processors within outputs are calculated automatically
  • Try playing with the automatically square off data ports and average processor resolution limit options.
  • The JSON file you can download will reveal a much more detailed list of info that can be used and will most likely be implemented one way or another
  • I am not a javascript developer but I’m stumbling through this because people find this tool useful and I enjoy learning. Please get in touch if this tool is useful to you and you’re interested in helping develop the project further.

Analog Way Training Sessions

As a video processing expert, Analog Way is committed to support its customers through training tailored to individual needs. Whether you are an integrator, consultant or freelance technician, Analog Way offers training that will enable you to take full advantage of our AV processors and media servers in various environments.

Harman Pro Webinars for Lighting, Sound, and Video

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Microphone Applications For Stage And Sound with Chris Pyron

APR 1, 2020

11:00 AM CST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET
12:00 AM SGT (April 2nd)

Getting great sound starts at the source. In this course, we’ll look at the different types of microphones, their applications, and how to choose the right mic and place them for the best results to capture a dynamic performance.

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Lighting for Churches: Live and Video with Lucas Jameson and Chris Pyron

APR 7, 2020

11:00 AM CST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET
12:00 AM SGT (April 8th)

Join Lucas Jameson and Chris Pyron as they discuss church lighting principles such as fixture selection, placement and proper color levels. Learn how to deliver an impactful service for both live and streaming audiences.

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Audio Challenges in Esports with Cameron O’Neill

APR 9, 2020

7:00 PM CST
12:00 AM GMT (April 10th)
2:00 AM CET (April 10th)
8:00 AM SGT (April 10th)

This workshop will demystify the various types of eSports played at a professional level and examine how these events are staged. Join Cameron as he unravels common A/V challenges and shows how they could define the future of eSports.

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Special Martin Lighting Product Launch with Markus Klüesener

APR 15, 2020

11:00 AM CST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET
12:00 AM SGT (April 16th)

Join us for the world premiere of the next workhorse from Martin Professional! This all-new multi-purpose moving head fixture combines the legacy of Martin with the rising trend of blending video and lighting in a compact and lightweight unit.

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Lighting Programming Workshop with Susan Rose

APR 16, 2020

11:00 AM CST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET
12:00 AM SGT (April 17th)

Susan will share her programming shortcuts, tips, and tricks to make life easier and more efficient when using different lighting rigs—from how to get around any rig quickly, to cloning an already programmed show into another rig.

LIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Performance Manager: Beginner to Expert with Nowell Helms

APR 23, 2020

11:00 AM CST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET
12:00 AM SGT (April 24th)

Join Nowell Helms as he dives into JBL Performance Manager and shows you how to deliver stellar sound to any audience. You’ll learn how to get started quickly, control amp networks and more right from the performance site.

Light and Colour Course

From the Illuminating Engineering Society

The Light & Color Course Package includes five courses that represent important aspects of light and color, including TM-30, evaluating Spectral Power Distribution, the history of Correlated Color Temperature, and more. Buy these courses as a package, and you get access to five courses for the price of four.

MBOX Media Server Training Videos

TROIKATRONIX’s Isadora Online Training

TouchDesigner Community Tutorials

TouchDesigner Tutorials

Resolume Video Training

We took the secret tips and tricks of the best professional VJs and poured their years of experience into 2 hours of in-depth, practical video training. This is not a boring this-button-does-that classroom. It’s a practical course that demonstrates the art behind the technicalities. It’s focused on creating a balanced, visually pleasing output while helping you become an efficient VJ that will be ready to take on any live situation.


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