an advocate is a person who represents another person’s interests — it’s from Latin advocare, to “add” a “voice.” To advocate is to add a voice of support to a cause or person.

There are two parts to being a good advocate,

  1. listening to the many varied voices of our community,
  2. finding the right people to amplify or listen to that voice

Coming from the live event industry, we meet amazing people at conferences, backstage at concerts, in the hall at the studio and on-air or on-stage throughout our daily activities. Now is the time to turn those contacts into airtime. If you have a suggestion of a person to reach out to, tell us here.

On the flip side, we need to know what the biggest issues are in your life. What do you need to get through the next 2 weeks? The next month? The summer? We will likely be setting up a survey shortly to capture your information, and if you sign up, we’ll invite you to take part when it’s ready.

First open letter to government

Second open letter to government

Third open letter to government

Fourth open letter to government


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