Live events are, by their very nature, social events. People share in the experience they are part of. The people who create these experiences are not immune to this feeling of togetherness, this community.

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Meet a member:

  • Howard Ungerleider
    A letter from Howard Ungerleider, lighting, laser and production designer regarding the current live event crisis.
  • Tony Crea
    Member highlight: Tony Crea is a Toronto-area audio engineer and tour manager with a guitar and a heart of gold.
  • Pete Kadelbach
    Member highlight: Pete Kadelbach is an internationally recognized audio engineer (and tiny van traveller).
  • Roz
    Member highlight: Roz is a Toronto, Ontario monitor engineer and sound professional.
  • Jamie Shear
    Member highlight: Jamie Shear is an Ajax, Ontario guitar player and musical director.

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