Sapsis Rigging Remote Seminars

Sapsis is now offering Free Weekly Remote Training Sessions

NOTE: A registration link will be provided for individual sessions at about 10AM the Friday before that session. If you don’t see the link or a status of the registration, first try refreshing your browser page, and if that doesn’t work, please email the webmanager

Make sure you register with the email address you use to access Zoom. Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation with the meeting link and passcode. DO NOT LOSE THIS CONFIRMATION. Each registration is unique and if you lose yours, we may not be able to get you in once the session has started.

You can find recordings of the sessions as they become available HERE

Safe Sets™️ COVID-19 (Level A) Certificate

This program is designed to communicate the most current health and safety information relevant to our community of filmmakers, producers, crew, and industry professionals. The materials in these guidelines have been reviewed by medical experts and sourced using reputable, science-driven resources. 

You’ll receive a Safe Sets™ COVID-19 Certificate when you complete the course. The certificate demonstrates to your team that you’re knowledgeable about upholding a safe production environment and that you value crew’s health and safety.

all rules and guidance from municipal, provincial/state, and federal government bodies must be followed.

Harp’s CM Interactive Training Basic Rigging Building a Simple Truss Span

In this FREE interactive training, CM and HARP will bring some of CM’s Basic Rigging Practices and present them virtually

TAIT Towers IQ Online Video Series

TAIT is now offering free online training courses for iQ Powered by NAVIGATOR to the live event community. By providing these courses, everyone interested in participating is given an opportunity to learn, engage and prepare for future automation experiences.

Whether a first-time learner or highly experienced show operator, the iQ Training Video Series is tailored to all levels of entertainment automation. After watching this video series, viewers will know how to operate machines using a variety of methods, add windows to work spaces, create time saving pre-sets, program a show using various cue lines and organizational helpers, as well as stop and restart cues. 

In order to access the iQ Training Video Series, you will need to sign up for a free TAIT Support Account. Once you are signed in, you will receive full access to the video series and the iQ training manual.

Frequent and Periodic Inspection of CM-ET Lodestar and Prostar Electric Chain Hoists By CM Motors

Classes will live stream each Thursday over the next four weeks at 11 am EDT. Attendees will have the option to take a test at the conclusion of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion. Those who attend all sessions and pass the test will receive 2 ETCP credits. In this training series, we will cover the following topics: * DATES HAVE BEEN UPDATED* Part 1 – Frequent Inspection of the Lodestar – April 2, 2020 Part 2 – Periodic Inspection of the Lodestar (Part 1 of 2) – April 9, 2020 Part 3 – Periodic Inspection of the Lodestar (Part 2 of 2) – April 16, 2020 Part 4 – Periodic Inspection of the Prostar – April 23, 2020 Register once for access to all sessions.

How to tie knots in Theatre

Video How-To’s on tying knots!

Chicago Flyhouse Training

FREE Flyhouse Training—for technicians of all skill and experience levels. This session will highlight the role that Design Factor and Hardware Selection play in all entertainment industry work.

  • ONLINE Design Factor | March 30
  • ONLINE Design Factor | March 31
  • ONLINE Bridle Math | April 1
  • ONLINE Bridle Math | April 2
  • ONLINE Codes, Standards, and Risk Assessment | April 3