Our Website has Launched!

We are a not-for-profit group of entertainment professionals just like you! Since the arrival of this crisis, we have been working to support, engage and give voice to the unseen. I want to thank you for signing up — it helps us to help you.

I want to thank you for signing up — it helps us to help you

Signing up is twofold: you get access to the information and resources we have obtained, and are able to include you in our advocacy campaign.

Governments are listening. Every day, political leaders at all levels of government are meeting and making plans to respond to COVID-19. We are talking with the stakeholders at every step to ensure that you are represented.

That brings us to why we are sending this email today. It took our little volunteer organization some time, but we have compiled a database of health, financial, and educational resources. It is a wide collection of support and information (and growing!). This information is crowdsourced and updated in real-time. Please take advantage of it. Please contribute to it.

Come see our new resource section!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how to serve you, let us know.

Submit a new resource to the database

Nobody knows how long this crisis will last, but we do know that when it finally recedes our world will look very different, and we will all be needed to bring the joy of live events back and bring people together.

Be safe. Stay strong. You are seen. You are heard.
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