Jamie Shear

Member highlight: Jamie Shear is an Ajax, Ontario guitar player and musical director.

to whom this may concern

My name is Jamie Shear resident of Ajax Ontario.As we move through these very complex times I want thank the government for the Cerb funds to help us get through at least a bit better financially.

I, like others are in the the performing arts industry and although the Ontario government is opening up more stages to get the economy moving our industry is still in crisis as we are very much in the dark of when we are able to get back some normal performing to audiences more than the set aloud in an indoor venue

At present the performing arts theaters have closed their doors until 2021 to restructure their venues into a safe environment and to bring back the confidence of clients who looked forward to going out once a week to see a show.

I myself a guitar player musical producer and director do have suggestions for the theater managers and promoters to get back on track. The summer Drive Inn concept although very good is very seasonal and when the weather turns we have to be ready for the the alternative. We need to allow more occupants in these venues socially distanced of course to comply with the venues and the promoters needs financially by way of two shows a day with the cooperation of the artists performing 2 shows a day for the price of one. Each show would be half capacity with no intermissions but we need to have the government allow more people per show.

While this may be up for discussion I have taken on some part time efforts to try and balance myself money wise but it is still not enough to sustain a living so I would hope that the government recognizes this instability with the performing arts community and continues to honor the Cerb benefits for those who need it most.

Best Regards

Jamie Shear

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