Howard Ungerleider

A letter from Howard Ungerleider, lighting, laser and production designer regarding the current live event crisis.

Howard’s eclectic career has seen him work closely with such talents as Rod Stewart, Van Halen and Rush as well as many other esteemed artists and clients alike. He has also created custom environments for corporate and special events for the likes of General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and designed special effects for professional sports teams such as the Buffalo Sabres. The contacts he has made over 40 years in the business have opened doors for the Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community, and we sincerely appreciate the support.

You can also catch his artistry (and the Production Design International team) at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on Tuesday September 22, when he rolls out the lasers to light up live events.

Howard Ungerleider

Production Design International

A message from Howard:

Hello, my Name is Howard Ungerleider.

Once upon a time there was an incredible workforce involving thousands of people. These talented individuals ranged from musicians, actors, lecturers, creative show designers, stagehands, lighting and sound engineers, visual effects and laser technicians, transportation and logistics personnel, caterers, wardrobe assistants, bus drivers, structural engineers along with a vast array of support teams to backup and contribute their skills aiding all these people.

We are these people who bring the population enjoyment and pleasure while educating and exposing generations to an incredible art form.

Now this has all gone away as we are forced to shut down our Industry due to this horrible pandemic. Please extend your support to all of us by supporting our coalition to bring awareness to our government, so that they can assist us further enabling us to survive through these unprecedented times. Come join us on September 22nd when we shall turn the city Red and go to and enjoy the Day of Visibility.

Listen to his recent podcast interview with Chris Lose on PLSN


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