Ask for help, be upfront & move forward

Morgan Myler

VP, IATSE Local 58
Co-founder, Live Event Community

On January 25, 2020 the COVID-19 virus hit our shores and has changed the landscape for our industry drastically. This March many workers, professionals and artists, companies, festivals have seen an entire stoppage.

I have heard tell of some of you afraid to contact the various sources of relief offered by the government. Afraid of audits, tax issues and the like. These situations are tough and I understand that our industry has encouraged this underground economy and you can be assured that a recovery will involve our respective governments looking harder to recover the funds for this and all the essential services that require funding ongoing, as they are going to put stimulus packages on the table. This is a team effort and recovery will be all of our responsibility. There is no way the industry will continue the way it has for some of us.

apply for the help you need financially you need to survive this

Firstly apply for the help you need financially you need to survive this. Secondly get financial affairs in order as best you can and get up to date. File your taxes, be open and honest and get through it. Start talking about the way these “Sole proprietor” and or cash jobs are paying out, and get protected for the future. We are all going to need to do our part in moving forward and that will mean (don’t throw fruit at me) paying taxes, becoming proper employees or sorting your taxes and benefits out properly and not getting caught again like this and avoiding future issues when our country is looking to recover from this.

We will all have to do a part when work returns to make the industry stable again and you do not want to be left behind now or in recovery. First and foremost apply for help when the programs are rolled out and get the help you need now.

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