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In March of 2020, the live event industry was hit with the effects of COVID-19 virus. This pandemic has caused cancellation after cancellation of live events and the ensuing loss of income to live event workers. The live event community has been financially devastated.

We agree that limiting the spread of the virus is the only way to slow and mitigate its massive health and financial impact on Canada and is of the utmost priority right now. Many tears of fear, anger and dread have been shed since the beginning of this crisis. Workers and families are starting to realize the monumental cost and sacrifice to help save Canada from the spread of the virus. Events cancelled seem like an inconvenience to an attendee but is the lifeblood for those families. Those outside our industry, are not aware that our industry is comprised significantly of thousands of small business, hundreds of thousands of workers and professionals who have already lost most income over the last month and will not have any income for the foreseeable future. These are financial losses that will never be recovered.

The live event workers need united voice. The purpose of this union and non-union community is to be a collective voice to find solutions. We are calling for immediate federal and provincial action to protect the Live Events industry and offer relief and support to a vital industry that brings millions in tax dollars and supports many industries and families in Canada.

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