VectorWorks Spotlight Essentials

Posted 2 years ago

With our Spotlight Essentials Seminar, you will explore some of the most common workflows and utilize the latest tools and commands of Vectorworks® Spotlight software. Designed to help you save time, by designing more efficiently, this seminar will cover the fundamental knowledge, needed to be successful with Vectorworks® Spotlight software. The Spotlight Essentials Seminar will cover topics including:

  • A guide to the Spotlight workspace & Spotlight workflows
  • Importing a Base Plan
  • Document Setup
  • Efficient Drawing Techniques
  • Creating a Venue
  • Placing Stages, Lighting Devices, Rigging, Audio/Video Equipment, and more.
  • Spotlight Numbering and Labeling
  • Presentation and Documentation
  • Focusing Lights and Rendering a Scene

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