LAVNCH Week AV Conference

Posted 1 year ago

Welcome to the LAVNCH registration page. As the LAVNCH Platform requires registration (aka: doesn’t allow anonymous users), the following questions are required for registration but we promise they will only take you a few minutes.

LAVNCH is not in the business of selling data to advertisers or marketing firms. This registration form will allow us to offer you a single login for any and all public LAVNCH events in the future (including June’s LAVNCH WEEK), help us make the LAVNCH Platform better operationally as well as targeting interesting content in the future. That said, we want to keep ALL LAVNCH events educational, informative, filled with valuable content AND free. To do this, we are sponsor-supported and, although the sponsors will be provided with lead data, just like at any trade show or conference you have ever attended, they have no control over the content or the speakers.

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